Avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz Nº 938 - La Paz, Bolivia

Avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz Nº 938 - La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia




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The Hotel

An unique and unforgettable experience...

La Casona Hotel Boutique, located in the historic center of the city of La Paz, is a construction that constitutes an architectural legacy of colonial style, built in the 17th century. It is linked to the Franciscan Order, who built the Convent and the Minor Basilica of San Francisco and it was established that during the Colony the Franciscan Order owned the surrounding land.

However, during the long process of construction of the Convent of San Francisco, the Franciscans for the construction and completion of the convent, sold part of the land surrounding the Convent and it is believed that one of the Directors of the Work was given, as part of his fees, the land where La Casona is currently located. During the eight years that the restoration lasted, the same architectural and construction elements that exist in the San Francisco Convent were found, among them, the stone foundations, the gambote brick floors, the adobe walls, the vaulted and cañahueca ceilings, its fountains and steps carved by hand in stone, the doors and windows carved in walnut wood, original elements of colonial architecture.

In the restoration of La Casona, a "Tapado" was found, named after the hidden treasures that during the Colony, in this region, people used to keep their valuables in secret places, many times when the person who owned the "Tapado" died. he took with him the secret of his location. The Maldonado Family has preserved these historic colonial spaces as attractions of this modern hotel.

Those who visit La Casona will have the feeling of going back in time as they go through its different environments, stone patios, terraces, bell towers, stables, the bell tower and its viewpoints, which have been cleverly adapted so that the visitor can have an unforgettable experience; La Casona is located near the main attractions of the city of La Paz, you can also participate in the folkloric and social events of the city. Despite being a colonial architecture, the rooms have been adapted with the best hotel equipment, incorporating all the benefits of current technology to provide the greatest comfort and convenience to our guests.

La Casona Hotel Boutique, is testimony to the colonial architecture and local history that in part defines the city of La Paz, is witness to the enduring identity, essence and overwhelming spirit "of Chuquiago Marka".


Backyard "La Caballeriza"

"La Cava" de La Casona

"El Tapado" Museum

It was practically the safe of the house where valuables were stored and protected...

Place where the animals arrived, tired to be unsaddled, there they also received their food...

It was the room where the fruit was fermented in large bottles, to turn it into liquor...


"El Mirador" de La Casona

The Terraces "Del Campanario"

With privileged views towards the North Zone, the first impression of the roofs and domes of San Francisco...

Conceived as the alignment or the atrium of a church, they are the most required places to sunbathe...

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