Welcome to La Paz

Highlights of the city
La Paz desde el Mirador Killi KIlli

La Paz is one of the most charming cities in Bolivia. Located in the northwest portion of the country, is home to the Central Government, is at 3,650 meters above sea level and has a population of about one million people in the metropolitan area. Its geography accompanied by the majestic snowcapped Illimani greets visitors from the moment you descend the airport. This particular view will accompany you throughout your stay and has been the main reason for the Illimani to be considered one of the New Wonders of the World in New7wonders.com.

Founded in 1548 by Alonso de Mendoza in Laja, La Paz was regarded as a resting point between Potosí and Cuzco. Three days later it was moved further east to the edge of the plateau where the creeks began, a warmer place called Chuquiago Choqueyapu in Aymara, Chuqiyapu like potato crops or gold. Its main attraction is its colonial architecture, the San Francisco Church, the Artisan Market on Sagárnaga Street and Witches Market, the healer or Kallawaya area close to Fruit markets, popular markets and areas that sell Coca, famous sacred and medicinal Aymara leaf.

The Avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz, where LA CASONA Hotel Boutique is located, is one of the main avenues of the heart of the city and  will take you to the main attractions. Once settled into our hotel, you can easily move between all the attractions of the area nearby. If you are looking for a more relaxing stay, then we recommend you visit Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world,  Los Yungas a warmer tropical area, fruity and unique and Tiwanaku, the most important  Pre-Columbian archaeological site in Bolivia and precursor the Inca Empire.

La Paz is a magical city and LA CASONA Hotel Boutique invites you to get to know it in style.